Inertisation and Fire Suppression Systems

(for Coal Mills)

Man’s greatest asset and yet a devastating foe is the element of Fire. When under his control, it serves faithfully, when beyond his control it is the prime element of his destruction. The crucial factor of effective fire protection is therefore, an early warning effective and efficient Fire Suppression system. Singhania System technologists Pvt. Ltd. have developed multiple gas based dry inertisation solutions for prevention and control of fires.

In the inertisation systems offered by us, Nitrogen, CO2 or Inert gas (Combination of Nitrogen and CO2) is used as the inertising medium.  Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. offers complete inertisation solutions which include turnkey installations of Gas generators, storage, sensors, alarms, interconnecting piping, valve assemblies and automated purging systems for prevention of fires. The systems are controlled automatically by monitoring temperature/ Carbon monoxide (CO) levels. On crossing a pre-programmed set point, the inertisation system is activated and nozzles purge the equipment to be inertised. The control system can be manually overridden by use of manual call points.