Gas Igniters

Pilot gas igniter flameSinghania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd.  has developed advanced  Igniters  for the safe and  dependable ignition of fuels in any Industrial  Burner.  These Igniters are designed and built for the specific application to achieve superior and reliable ignition even in adverse operating conditions.   Gas igniters ignite the fuel gas spontaneously from the built-in electric spark electrode.

Depending on the requirement, Natural Gas / LPG fired Igniters are offered. Gas igniters can be self-inspirating, air assisted or air premixed.

  • Gas Igniter with FlameStationery, plug in design.
  • Reliable light up.
  • Stabilised flame
  • Improved mixing of fuel and air for superior flame stability.
  • Easy de-assembling of Ignition components for inspection and testing.

0.03 MKCal/Hr. to 1.0 MKCal/hr.