Direct fired Hot Air Generators

    Horizontal Coal Fired Hot Air Generator

    Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. has designed manufactured and installed over 220 direct fired Hot Air Generators (HAG), also referred to as Hot Gas Generators (HGG) to cement, power, steel and other process industries.  The Hot Air Generators capacities range from 0.25 MkCal/hr. to 80 MkCal/hr. These Generators are fired with Liquid, Gases or Fossil solid fuels.  Some of the firing applications include low BTU gases such as blast furnace gas, coke oven gas or producer gas. The Agro waste like Rice husk, Groundnut shells, Saw dust is also successfully fired in Hot Air Generators.

    Hot Air / Hot Gas Generators supplied by Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. come in single shell or double shell, horizontal or vertical variants, as required by the application. The Hot Air generators are supplied as a complete package with a burner system, single shell/ double shell furnace with anchors for refractory, dilution air plenum, instruments for temperature/ pressure sensing and a PLC/ relay based burner management system. Optional accessories for our Hot Air generators such as combustion and dilution fans, isolation and venting dampers, ducting, fuel handling systems, metering and control trains, refractory etc. can also be supplied by Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. as per customers requirement.

    (For applications which require heat at moment’s notice, Singhania System Technologists has developed instant heat Hot Gas generators, details of which can be found here.)

    • Dual Burner Hot Air GeneratorHorizontal / vertical down fired / Vertical up fired construction.
    • Single shell / double shell construction.
    • Higher turndown on firing :
    • 1 : 10 for Gases
    • 1 : 8   for Heavy Oil fuels.
    • 1 : 4   for Fossil fuels.
    • Operator friendly operations.
    • Wide operating furnace pressure (Outlet pressure range), as required.
      • -100 mm WG to 7 Kg/cm² (g) pressure.
    • Highly efficient with overall burner efficiency up to 99.9%.
    • Low maintenance cost.
    • Fail safe operations through flame safeguard & burner management system.

    Vertical HGG

    Between 0.25 MKCal/hr. to 80 MKCal/hr.

    Any of the following fuel can be fired either independently or in any combination as desired.

    Solid Fuels Liquid Fuels Gaseous Fuels
    Pulverised Coal, Petcoke, Lignite Light diesel oil/ High Speed diesel, Biodiesel, Naptha Propane, LPG, Butane
    Agro waste such as, groundnut shell, Rice husk, coffee shell etc. Furnace oil, LSHS LNG/ CNG
    Shredded tyres, plastic & house-hold waste, Municipal and industrial waste Waste Oil, Waste liquid Sludge from DG set and similar equipment, Tyre oil Low BTU gases such as Producer Gas, Coke Oven Gas, Blast Furnace Gas, Refinery Gas etc.

    Direct fired Hot Air Generators

    • Raw mill, Coal mill & Cement – clinker grinding.
    • Dryers (Fluidised Bed, Flash, Husk, Rotary & spray).
    • Boiler startup
    • Calciners
    • Auxiliary inline heaters etc.