PSA Nitrogen Generator/ Inertisation System

Nitrogen generator for inertizationInertisation systems prevent dust explosions in equipment by creating an inert atmosphere. In case of Oxygen alarm the inertisation process is initiated automatically through the process control system. Therefore constant oxygen measurement and monitoring is absolutely necessary. In this method, the goal is to reduce the Limiting Oxygen Concentration (LOC) to such a low level that due to the lack of oxygen explosions can no longer take place. The geometrical volume of the coal mill, duct, coal mill filter or silos is injected with sufficient inert gas (such as nitrogen or CO2) in a 1:1 ratio. This assures that the Limiting Oxygen Concentration is kept below target and thus a dust explosion is no longer possible.

For such applications, Singhania System technologists offers PSA Nitrogen generator cum inertisation systems. Nitrogen is generated from atmospheric air through pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technique at the location itself. Nitrogen is continuously is purged into the system as long as oxygen concentration remains high in the equipment

PSA Nitrogen Generator System designed and supplied by Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. uses Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) as an adsorption agent. Utilizing the difference in adsorption capacity of CMS for Nitrogen and Oxygen, it separates Nitrogen from air and produces Nitrogen with concentration of 99 to 99.99%.  It is a low cost alternative to the cryogenic separation process.

Nitrogen so generated is stored in pressure vessels, to which the inertisation system is connected.  The inertisation system consists of inertisation headers with nozzles and mounting pads, interconnecting piping, directional valves, temperature sensors, alarms and manual call points. A PLC/ relay based panel is provided for automatic discharge of Nitrogen on receiving a high temperature/ O2 high signal from the sensors.

  • Nitrogen Pressure less than 6 bar without Booster.
  • Plant Operation Automatic
  • Nitrogen is produced as soon as equipment starts.
  • Skid Mounted Compact Unit.
  • Minimum Maintenance work.
  • Constant Nitrogen analysis.
  • Process works at ambient temperature.
  • Plants are supplied as “Package Units”.
  • Simple Installation and short start-up time.
  • No special foundation required except compressor.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Continuous automatic temperature monitoring
  • Capacity: 5 Nm3/hr. to 2000 Nm3/hr.
  • Oxygen : 1% by Volume (Oxygen concentration may be further reduced using a De-oxo unit.)
  • Dew Point: -60oC NTP