Instant Heat Hot Air Generators

Instant Heat Hot Air GeneratorsSinghania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. has developed refractory-less (i.e. with minimum possible refractory) instant heat Hot Air Generator. The hot air generator uses incremental (step) introduction of dilution air, which ensures the uniform mixing of dilution air with products of combustion, without chilling the flame.

The annulus incremental introduction of air ensures that the HAG skin temperature does not go above 30 to 40oC above the ambient temperature. The HAG can be designed for up to 550oC outlet temperature as a standard, and can be customised for 750oC outlet temperature as per requirement.

• Availability of Instant heat to mills, grinding & drying units.
• Fuel saving as heating of refractory at startup is avoided.
• Probability of premature refractory failure eliminated.
• Almost nil heat-up and shut-off time.
• Combustion chamber made from high grade heat resistant steel.
• Light weight.
• Easy handling.

• 1 MKCal/ 40 MKCal/hr.
• Hot Air can be delivered from the outlet up to a temperature of 750oC

• Light Fuel Oil
• Heavy Fuel Oil
• LPG/ Propane
• Natural gas
• Lean gases (Low BTU gases)