Oil Handling Systems

Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd., offers complete solution to the customer need for fuel oil unloading, transferring, & storage system. These systems are designed for both light and heavy fuel oil. For heavy fuel oil, SSTPL provides tank heating, electrical/steam line tracers. The Unloading & transferring stations are either simplex or duplex (with 100% standby) as required SSTPL undertakes turnkey responsibility for the complete unloading, transferring and storage systems. SSTPL also undertake CCOE approval of Oil Storage tanks.

Fuel Oil Unloading, Storage & Transferring System

SSTPL undertake turnkey installation of fuel oil storage systems. The fuel oil tanks are designed as per customers’ requirements and have capacity from 10 m3 to 10,000 m3. The storage tanks are provided with floor heating coils, outflow suction heaters, tank insulation, tank level measurement, and safety systems, such as lighting arrestors, flame arrestors, breather valves, etc. as required. The outflow suction heaters can be either electrical or thermic fluid / steam heated. These heaters are provided to maintain the fluidity of the fuel. We also provide electrical heat tracing with Insulation for Oil tank and skid to maintain the oil temperature above 20oC.


  • Fuel oil tank capacities between 10 m3 to 10,000 m3
  • Storage tanks are provided with floor heating coils, outflow suction heaters, tank heat tracing &insulations, & other accessories.
  • For heavy oil, heating is done through floor coil or through electrical immersion heaters.
  • Floor coil uses thermic fluid / steam to heat-up the fuel oil.
  • Outflow heaters can be either electrically heated or thermic fluid / steam heated.
  • Systems can be designed to hook up with DCS for central operational control.
  • Multiple unloading pipe rack so that customer can unload the oil from multiple tankers
  • Cam lock type Unloading hoses are provided to unload the oil
Heavy Fuel Oil Pumping and Heating Skids
Pumping Heating and filtering unit for firing furnace Oil. Supplied to Fars Cement, Iran
PHF unit heaters

For firing a heavy oil, the fuel should have desired viscosity, pressure & temperature for efficient atomization & combustion.  SSTPL offer compact and operator friendly heavy oil preparation skids, popularly known as pumping, heating & filtering (PHF) units.  PHF units are engineered to suit the fuel to be fired and accordingly the fuel oil line heaters are designed and selected.

The PHF unit usually consists of two (Main & Standby) suction filters, two fuel oil pumps, two line pre-heaters and two discharge filters, piped together on a drip-tight tray.  The filters are sized liberally for low pressure-drop and longer cleaning cycle.  The filters, on request, can be provided with a differential pressure indicator/switch, to indicate that the filter cartridge needs to be cleaned.

Heavy Oils can be heated using Steam/ Thermic fluid/ Electrical heaters. The inline electrical pre-heaters use low watt density heating elements that ensure smooth and uniform heating, without cracking of the fuel oil.  Heaters are provided with the thermostatic / thyristor control as per customer requirement to ensure the best efficiency & uniform temperatures.  These heaters are supplied with regulating control valves as a standard feature.  SSTPL also undertakes electrical/steam tracing on customer request.


  • Flow: 100 litres/hour to 30,000 litres/hour.
  • Pressure: 7 bar to 60 bar.
  • Temperature: 80°C to 160°C.


  • Filters are sized for low pressure drop and longer cleaning cycle
  • Optimum watt density heaters provided for low sheath temperatures to avoid cracking of fuel.
  • Steam / thermic fluid heaters are designed for optimum transfer coefficient & low pressure drop.
  • Duplex units with standby system
  • Self-cleaning filters and heat tracing can be provided optionally.
  • Best quality pumps, valves, controls, pipes & fittings for longer, trouble-free operation.
Pumping & Filtering Units (For Light Fuel Oils)

Light fuel oils such as LDO, HSD and Kerosene do not require heating for firing, as their viscosity at room temperature is adequate for firing.  Hence, for light fuel oils, SSTPL Fuel preparation units do not use heaters.  These units are otherwise similar to heavy oil Fuel Pumping, Heating & Filtering units, except for heaters.

Fuel Oil Metering Trains
Valve train prewired upto local junction box

For optimum burner operations, the fuel flow to the burner should have the desired pressure, flow, temperature & viscosity, Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. design, engineer, manufacture & supply Fuel Oil metering trains to suit burner requirement.  The Fuel Oil Trains can be designed for almost all liquid fuels such as Furnace Oil, LDO, LSHS, HSD, Coal Tar, Naphtha, spent oil, Sludge Oil etc.

Components used in such Fuel oil trains are from internationally accepted companies, and follow NFPA 86 guidelines for safety and fire prevention. In addition to fuel oil line, Valve trains may also include a line atomizing medium (air/ steam), Utility compressed air line, and a pilot fuel line. The Valve Trains are designed for optimum pressure drops.  These trains are assembled on free standing structures for easy operations. The instruments and valves are prewired upto a junction box mounted on the frame of the oil train, for easy connectivity to BMS panels/ DCS. For heavy oils, heat tracing and insulation of oil trains is recommended and can be supplied by SSTPL.