Solid Fuel Metering & Control System

Pulverised coal handling systemThe solid fuel metering and control system is provided below main fuel storage bunker for continuous metering and control of pulverized fuel. The system consists of bin weighing system, manual slide gate, pneumatic slide gate, Loss in Weight system comprising of weigh bin hopper, load cells, agitator, screw feeder, etc. The operation and controlling of the system is done from a Local Control Station.

Bin weighing system meters the quantity of pulverized coal extracted from the main storage bunker. A Loss in Weight not only detects flow of pulverised fuel, but also compares it with the set point. This achieves a regulated material discharge. In addition to controlling the material flow rate, the Loss in Weight system also performs other tasks such as control, measuring and activating the refilling of weigh hopper. A Screw feeder takes the pulverised fuel from the weigh hopper and discharges it uniformly and continuously, as per set value, on the existing conveying system. The weighing electronics are microprocessor based with state of the art technology for signal processing digital display for all operational weighing parameters such as flow rate, screw speed, cumulative weight, auto correction programs/status information for interlocking signal and outputs and controlling rate of discharge as per set rate value. These above data is hooked up with PLC system for further processing for automation.

  • The functional design of weighing electronics also includes the following:
    • Comparison of set and actual discharge flow rate
    • Accepting remote set points from PLC with set points from PLC with set point indication on selection/demand
    • Analog signal output for controlling material discharge rate
    • Executing batching and proportioning command
    • Executing start/stop command in computer (DCS) mode
    • Overall accuracy of measurement shall be +/- 0.5% or better
    • Flow rate indication in tons/hr& total flow in tons. (Display can be in HMI, as per customer requirement)