Pumping & Filtering Units (For Light Fuel Oils):

Light fuel oils such as LDO, HSD and Kerosene do not require heating for firing, as their viscosity at room temperature is adequate for firing.  Hence, for light fuel oils, SSTPL Fuel preparation units do not use heaters.  These units are otherwise similar to heavy oil Fuel Pumping, Heating & Filtering units, except for heaters.

Fuel Oil Metering Trains:

For the satisfactory Burner operations the fuel flow to the burner shall have desired pressure, flow, temperature & viscosity, Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. design, engineer, manufacture & supply the Fuel Oil metering trains to suit the Burner requirement.  The Fuel Oil Trains are designed for almost all liquid fuels such as Furnace Oil, LDO, LSHS, HSD, Coal Tar, Naphtha, spent oil, Sludge Oil etc.

Components used in such Fuel oil trains are from internationally accepted companies, and follow NFPA 86 guidelines for safety and fire prevention. In addition to fuel oil line, Valve trains may also include a line atomizing medium (air/ steam), Utility compressed air line, and a pilot fuel line. The Valve Trains are designed for optimum pressure drops.  These trains are assembled on free standing structures for easy operations. The instruments and valves are prewired upto a junction box mounted on the frame of the oil train, for easy connectivity to BMS panels/ DCS.