Low Pressure CO2 System

Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. also offers Storage Tank based CO2 purging/Fire suppression system as an alternative to High pressure CO2 cylinder based system.

The Low pressure CO2 is stored as a liquid at approximately 300 psi and 0o F. It is maintained around this pressure by mechanical refrigeration. The refrigeration system cools and condenses CO2 vapor in the vapor space of the unit, thus converting it to liquid and reducing the pressure. The storage tank is well insulated, keeping to a minimum the heat transfer to the CO2 from the warmer ambient air of the storage location. The storage Tank has a liquid level gauge designed to continuously monitor the amount of CO2 storage.

  • Fully automated system and no manual intervention required
  • Purging system designed and manufactured in accordance with NFPA 12
  • Suitable for periodical purging as per operator requirement
  • Re-filling is possible with unloading tanker