High Pressure CO2 Systems

CO2 is stored in cylinders at 60 kg/cm² (g) pressure at 60o F as a liquid. When released, Carbon dioxide has the tendency to expand and freeze. The liquid CO2 is pushed up through the flexible hoses and transported through the pipe as a liquid under pressure. The ratio of expansion from liquid to gas is about 1:9 i.e. 1 lb. of liquid CO2 occupies approximately 9ft3 of space at 60o F and normal atmospheric pressure. When released, the stored pressure acts as a propellant.

Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. offers a complete packaged CO2 based inertisation solution consisting of CO2 cylinder batteries, inertisation headers with nozzles and mounting pads, interconnecting piping, shut-off valves, temperature sensors, alarms and manual call points. The CO2 cylinders are mounted with specialized solenoid valves which can be remotely energized to start the release of CO2. They system is fully redundant, with main and standby CO2 batteries to allow for refilling/replacement of emptied CO2 cylinders. A Weighing system (consisting of either load cells or weigh switches) is also provided to identify empty CO2 cylinders and batteries. A control panel monitors signals from the temperature and to automatically purge the cylinders, in case temperatures/ CO rise beyond the pre-established set point. The operation philosophy of the inertisation system is kept in line with the NFPA 12

  • Fully automated inertisation with no manual intervention required
  • Purging system designed and manufactured in accordance with international standard, NFPA 12
  • Suitable for electrical systems as the inertising medium (CO2) is non-conducting at purging temperatures
  • Compete redundant system ensures immediate availability of CO2 gas, even after purging
  • Eliminates deep sheathed fires along with surface fires
  • Continuous automatic temperature monitoring
  • Can be optimized for inertising multiple equipment with same set of cylinder batteries
  • Availability of CO2 monitored via battery/ cylinder weighing system