Heavy Fuel Oil Pumping and Heating Skids

For firing heavy liquid fuel, the fuel should have desired viscosity, pressure & temperature for efficient atomization & combustion.  SSTPL offer compact and operator friendly heavy oil pumping and heating skids, popularly known as pumping, heating & filtering (PHF) units.  PHF units are engineered to suit the customer’s requirements.  A proper study is carried out for the fuel to be fired and accordingly the fuel oil line heaters are designed and selected.  As a standard feature, SSTPL provides standby pump, heaters & filter set, duly piped together on a common skid.

The PHF unit consists of two suction filters, two fuel oil pumps, two line pre-heaters and two discharge filters, piped together on a drip-tight tray.  The filters are sized very liberally for low pressure drop and longer cleaning cycle.  The filters, on request, can be provided with a differential pressure indicator/switch, to indicate that cartridge need to be cleaned.

The units are either electrically heated or steam/thermic-fluid heated as required by customers.  The inline electrical pre-heaters use low watt density heating elements that ensure smooth and uniform heating, without cracking of the fuel oil.  The electrical heaters are designed for optimum load and are provided with the thermostatic / thyristor control as per customer requirement Steam / Thermic fluid line heaters are designed to ensure best efficiency & uniform temperatures.  These heaters are supplied with regulating control valves as a standard feature.  SSTPL also undertakes electrical/steam tracing on customer request.

  • Filters are sized for low pressure drop and longer cleaning cycle
  • Electrical heaters are of watt density for low sheath temperatures to avoid cracking of fuel.
  • Steam / thermic fluid heater are designed for optimum transfer coefficient & low pressure drop.
  • Self-cleaning filters can be provided on request.
  • Best quality pumps, valves, controls, pipes & fittings for longer, trouble-free operation.
  • Flow: 100 litres/hour to 30,000 litres/hour.
  • Pressure: 7 bar to 60 bar.
  • Temperature: 80°C to 160°C.