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Singhania’s has specialised itself for the pyro-processing products, such as, Rotary Kiln Burners, Calciner Burners, Tertiary Duct Burner etc.  These Burners can fire liquid, solid pulverised fossil fuels, Petcoke, Agro waste, Oil sludge, Gaseous fuels such as natural gas, propane, low BTU gases etc. in any combination or individually. Singhania’s Hot Air Generator  are used for drying applications in various industries. Singhania’s offers complete combustion solutions which includes turn key installations of fuel oil unloading & transferring & storage tank forms, fuel oil preparation units, fuel oil trains, industrial burners etc.  The gaseous station include the gas trains, burners & burner management  systems.


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The range of industrial products includes the various atmospheric gas generators such as PSA N2 Gas Generators, PSA O2 Gas Generators, Hydrogen Gas Generators, Ammonia Crackers, De-oxo units etc.  The range of products also includes Centralised Oil lubrication Systems for steel plants. Roll Coolant Systems, Magnetic Separators, Oil Skimmers etc.  We also undertake the manufacturing & fabrications of specialised pressure Vessels, Stands & Tanks etc.


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Kiln BurnerN2 Generator


Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of Products for various Combustion, Heat transfer, Industrial and gas generation needs. They can be classified as Combustion & Heat transfer Products , and Industrial  & Gas Products.

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